Originally these designs were created as ideas for a new housing development in the region of High Wycombe to encourage meeting places and places of discovery for the residential community. Aimed to encourage the use of the green spaces, the thinking was to create designs that were practical, tactile, surprising and engaging with many artistic elements harvested through community engagements that would give a sense of ownership. High Wycombe has a heritage in the manufacture of Windsor chairs and lace.
These ideas are designed to be replicable and modular for future development.
The designs suggest the use of giant wooden cubes, as furniture, with community poems, narrative expressions and artworks carved, and enamelled into them, along with wayfinding elements to draw the community along trails throughout the grounds. The rich nature and habitat of the region suggested ecology trails – one of local indigenous species footprints and one showing tree identification and supplementary information. Tall wooden meeting totems and bollards would complement the scheme using community artworks, wayfinding and sustainable messaging, which could be carried through to other street furniture.
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